God Works Great Wonders

God is working great wonders through the audiotestimony “Meeting with Christ” recorded by Laine Arens!
While listening to her story about her hard life and a wonderful healing from a dreadful disease “Cancer”, many people recognize themselves in that story, for they have experienced similar things in their own lives, and their hearts are opening to God. They repent in their sins and give their hearts to Jesus Christ – and miracles happen. Wonderful healings occur everywhere, and the Church hears about them.
“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”(Heb 13:8) – so tells the Bible. He rose from the dead! He is Alive today and is still performing His great works here on the Earth through His anointed disciples. Jesus Christ said: “Anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things that these, because I am going to the Father” (Jn 14:12).
Here are some of the testimonies that we have received:
Israel.So the testimony of Laine Arens reached the Holy Land. In Jerusalem8 people with last stages of “Cancer” (3-C, 4th) gathered together and turned on the tape – and something happened to them. The sick cried to Jesus Christ asking for help. Their faith in healing increased when they heard how Laine was healed from “cancer” in just one night – the night when she had almost died. Tears rolled down their cheeks, they prayed, repented in their sins and the miracle happened – all of them were healed! All the metastasis disappeared! May all the glory be to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Healer forever!
Argentina. A woman was dying from “cancer”. She was supposed to go through a surgery that required a lot of money, which she didn’t have. Her father who attended our church sent her a tape by Laine Arens. The day before the surgery, her husband brought the CD to the hospital. When she listened to it a miracle happened. All the women in the ward started crying and all of them were healed! Our “sick” woman didn’t need the go through the surgery any more. Her cancer was gone! Her father witnessed about it in our church with tears of joy.
Riga, Latvia. One believer from the “Living Spring” church was listening to the testimony, and her neighbor living next room in their communal apartment was sick with “cancer”. She hated her believer neighbor and didn’t want to hear anything about God. But – surprise! She pressed her ear to the wall in order to hear what that neighbor of hers is listening to all the time. And a miracle touched that woman! She was healed and her tumor disappeared! Now she is a daughter of God and a member of the “Living Spring” church.
Moscow, Russia.Alla Ershova – a teacher and a member of the “Spring of Life” church was healed while listening. Something wonderful happened at school where she worked. Children didn’t study well, they had problems with Math. One time when the kids were sleeping after their lessons she quietly turned the tape on. On that day children, as usual, were doing their homework but this time it was accompanied by quiet voice of Laine Arens. The Holy Spirit touched the children. Their ability to study was restored and they started solving complicated mathematical problems and study better!
Eupatoriya, Crimea.Valentina Tkachenko didn’t believe in God but one day she heard the testimony of Alive Jesus. For the last 4 years she suffered from severe pain in her joints, her legs refused to work. Osteochondritis and rheumatic arthritis tortured her at nights, pain in her joints made her cry. Nothing could help her. She used to walk with crutches, but soon stopped walking at all. She listened to the story of Laine Arens running it for several times and God performed a miracle! She got up and started walking. All her pain is gone now and she is happy! Everybody who had seen her on crutches for many years were surprised and couldn’t figure out what happened to her. Valentina gave all her life to God. She joyfully tells everyone about the miracle that happened to her. Through her testimony many people received Jesus Christ, the Lord and the Savior of all the nations in the world.