About Us

The Spring of Life Church was founded in January, 7, 1997. This date is symbolic for Russia as Russian people celebrate Christmas on that Day. The founder of the Church is Laine Arens who received this call to build a church after being healed by Jesus Christ from the cancer (the testimony of Laine Arens). Nowadays Laine Arens is the senior pastor of Moscow Church of Full Gospel but her ministry takes place in Eupatoriya, the Crimea. Laine Arens is living there not far from Eupatoriya ministering in the city and the outskirts. There are two subsidiary churches of the main Moscow church: one of them is on the Crimea, the other one is in Italy, Porto SantElpidio. Since the foundation of the church a lot of people received Christ as their own Saviour and changed their lives.
Pastors Tigran and Nataliya Nikogosyan are currently leading services in Moscow. They were called by God in 1998 and received Jesus as their own Saviour. Some years later they were ordinated as the pastors of the Full Gospel in Russia and abroad. Nowadays they are living in Moscow region, bringing up four children.
The Spring of Life Church is welcoming everybody who wants to hear the Word of God and be transformed. As only His Word can make a change in peoples lives. The main doctrine of the church in Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost we trust. Jesus is the Only Way to the Salvation and His Living Word the Bible is the power to save. Come and share joy and happiness of the new life with us.
Our service takes place every Sunday at 16:30, 15, Nametkina Street, Moscow, Russia.